Thursday, August 18, 2022



One thing I've noticed about my relationship with God is that I tend to keep Him in a box and view His power and majesty from a limited viewpoint. Seeing my relationship with God in this way has kept Him restricted for the better part of my walk with Him and has not given Him the permission to fully show up in my life as the Almighty Awesome God that He is.

This year has been very revelatory for me about just how much I have restricted God's presence and power in my life. Being inflexible was not anything I was knowingly doing but something that has resulted from years of having an extremely shortsighted view of who God is and what He can do. For example, if I did not have my quiet time at a certain hour each day, I believed I had offended God and even more sadly that He could and would not speak to me outside of that time. What this did was present God to me as a dictator who was easily offended and unrelatable to my human inconsistencies.

Furthermore, if I did hear God say something to me in one season of my life and it had yet to manifest, I would hold on to that word/promise verbatim. In other words, if He told me I was going to move to a new city or state because of a work opportunity, that would be what I held on to. Doing this made it impossible for me to recognize that just maybe this work opportunity would come in the form of connecting with someone who would invite me to relocate and it would be from that place that the new job would come. So if the move was not because of a 'job or work' at the outset, I refused to believe this was the promise of God coming to pass. That's how inflexible and rigid I used to be with God. I was tying God's hands in a sense because I was not able to see all the other ways and channels through which He wanted to bless me.

It has been a daily conscious battle to break away from this mindset and simply allow God be God! There is nothing He can't do and there isn't just one way He is able to do something. The Holy Spirit reminds me of this constantly and I am fully aware that it will take some time to completely break free from this rigid and restricted view of the Father that I formed somewhere along the journey of my life. But at least I know now why it is so important for me to be flexible and not subconsciously put Him in a box as if He was not powerful enough to make anything happen as He chooses to.

I know I'm not the only one who has been doing this so if you are like me, firstly you are not alone and secondly, there is hope. I encourage you to hand this over to God and ask for His help to change your relationship with and view of Him. The enemy wants us to see God as a distant being who can not relate with the things we struggle with as humans but nothing could be farther from the truth. We were created by Him and we come from Him so anything that we struggle with, He absolutely cares about. Cast your burdens unto Jesus because He cares for you and I.



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