Thursday, September 15, 2022



There used to be a time when I felt like the scripture in Genesis where God creates man in His own image was an abstract concept. For me "MAN" in that context was unrelatable and unfamiliar but as it turns  out, that MAN who God created in His image was and is ME! (and you of course). In lay man's terms, I am the spitting image of my Father; I have His features and mannerisms and am His physical human representation on earth!! WHAT A CONCEPT!!

I'm not sure now why it was so hard for me to accept this truth at first but I'm thankful that I do today. So many of us walk around feeling like we could never be loved by such an awesome God believing we are either too broken or too lost to be deserving of being referred to as God's image on earth but we are. We are fed lies by the enemy who prefers for us to believe that we are not nor could ever be who God meant when He decided to create man. We start to assume that man means the men and women of the Bible like the prophets Elijah or Ezekiel, the great kings like David or Solomon, the favored women like Ruth and Esther or the men who walked closely with God like Abraham, Moses, Job, Joseph or Nehemiah. 

It has taken longer than I'm sure my Heavenly Father would have liked but I am finally at the place where I see myself as the image of God. I am His hands, feet and mouth on earth representing Him wherever I go and to all who come in contact with me. I still fail Him every now and again but God never holds that against me as long as I come quickly to repentance and pick up where I leave off. Every day I have to put in the work necessary that makes me more like Him in my attitude and the manner with which I carry myself. 

I turned the big 4-2 on Wednesday the 14th and that's why I say it's taken longer than I'm sure God would have liked in order for me to recognize how He has always seen me.

On Saturday, I will blog a little bit about my big day (although I didn't get up to very much), some life skills I "hear" one should have after turning 40 and the ones I've actually perfected. 

See You Saturday!!



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