Thursday, September 8, 2022



In case you were unaware, you and I are not Satan's favorite people. He hates us (emphasis on HATE) so much so that right from the very beginning, his goal has been (and still is) to separate us from God's love and presence. The good news however is that no matter what he does or how hard he tries, he can never separate us from the love of our Heavenly Father.

Knowing that separating us from the love of God is something he will never be able to do, the next thing the enemy continually tries is to bring perversion to our purpose by using one of his most famous tools, ABUSE.

ABUSE can take many forms such as mental, sexual, physical and even emotional. With traumas like rape (and other sexual assaults), physical violence, abandonment, verbal assault etc, they all take away the focus from our purpose if we are not spiritually sensitive to what is taking place. Some biblical examples of people who were faced different kinds of the attack of abuse are Job, Joseph and even David. Job had every reason to turn away from God but would not allow his physical and emotional pain separate him from his Creator and Joseph could have let the abuse he suffered at the hands of his brothers and the pharaoh's wife keep him from his purpose but his faith in God never waivered.

You and I will face abuse in one form or another throughout our lives because the enemy is bent on our eternal destruction. Wherever we find ourselves being the most attacked is a place that is linked to our purpose and we must fight to live above the abuse that causes us to sin against God. If the abuse is of a physical or sexual nature, then it means that you are being distracted from your purpose through that perversion by breeding emotions of anger, bitterness and unforgiveness that prevent you from attaining God's plan for your life.

If the abuse is emotional, know that it is linked to your purpose of being used by God through that means and the enemy wants to keep you from His purpose for you.

Do you know how and where you are being attacked? Has the enemy been using ABUSE to bring perversion to your purpose? I pray that the power and authority you have in Christ Jesus will remind you that you already have the victory and that the only power the enemy will ever have over you is the one you give him.



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