Thursday, September 22, 2022



In a recent post, I shared with you all that God had given me a word for August which was to be and stay CONSISTENT. Then I told you how He confirmed that word by leading me to a YouTube video where an instruction to consistently praise Him for 21 days had been given. If you haven't read that article yet, it's called  What I'm Hearing Here ( A Transformation Church Series) and I recommend that you check it out.

I completed the 21 days of praise successfully but not without struggling on a few days if I'm being honest. But since then I've been struggling to keep up with a few things I used to do consistently and I started to wonder why as people we have trouble with consistency. Something happens in between being consistent and falling off the wagon that we are often not aware of until we find ourselves out of sync with our routines; whether it's with our quiet time in the morning or keeping up with our work out schedules.

I took this question to the Holy Spirit because I was starting to get concerned and He shared that for me, my inconsistency was due to 2 reasons. The first I was aware of, which was that I had grown comfortable or more plainly, lazy. The second reason jolted me a little bit more but I knew it was the truth and it is that my inconsistency was as a result of growing impatient with God. Subconsciously, I stopped being consistent because I was not seeing the results I wanted from it. I had grown tired of waiting for God to answer my prayers so I stopped praying and that's the honest truth. So I wonder if this is why many of us have trouble with being consistent with God and with other things in our lives that we used to do religiously. Have we stopped doing those things because we have grown tired, lazy and complacent or just impatient with waiting to see the results of our efforts?

Food for thought and a reason to be honest with what your reasons may be. Take them to God, repent and get back on the horse. That's where I'm at with my journey. This faith walk of ours is about progression, not perfection so when you fall off, simply get back on!



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