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Leather is usually synonymous with being a hard look style often balanced with softer and more feminine fabrics like lace, silk or satin. For me, wearing leather need not be so tough from the outset if styled correctly which is what today's blog post aims to demonstrate.

Leather can be styled casually with a basic tee as in the above image shown. To take away from the hard exterior of this leather skirt, a black tshirt with an interesting logo, print or design such as the one I'm wearing softens the look by giving it a casual appeal. Even with this look being all black from head to toe, it doesn't feel stiff or un-feminine but of course you can wear a different color shirt if bold colors are your thing.

This look can be worn to a lounge, on a date or even as street style. The silhouette is polished, sophisticated and confident with a cool feminine edge. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments.

Leather can also be girly and playful when paired with vibrant colors like yellow or orange as seen in the image where I have styled the same skirt with a sports bra, crop denim jacket and sandals. You barely notice the hardness of the leather skirt because the bright colors draw your eye away from that. 

This is a more daytime casual look that can be worn to the movies or out on a day of shopping. It is a much more relaxed fit than the all black look but still girly and comfortable.

The third look is probably my favorite because it is an unexpected yet flattering pairing. A bold plaid shirt with red pumps to match moves the hardness of the leather to a more chic aesthetic making this a more contemporary work appropriate look. More interesting is the fact that this look transitions effortlessly from day to night with a quick switch of shoes to a stiletto heel and simple clutch purse that complements the headband.

Other ways you can make leather work for any time of day or event is to opt for PU Leather or one that has a much softer feel and also leather in different colors such as green or brown. These colors are muted for a more minimal and soft look.

Hope you enjoyed today's read? Let me know what you think in the comments and I'll chat to you again in a week!



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