Saturday, October 8, 2022



Amazon has been steady saving lives since its inception in 1994. Thanks to Mr. Jeff Bezos we can all shop everything from homeware to industrial equipment without leaving the comfort of our couches all with the click of a button. Where else can you shop your favorite skincare serum and steamer all at the same time? With the ease of shopping and quick delivery times, Amazon is everybody's go to for everything under the sun!!

Amazon takes my coins at least 3 times every month and with my recent lifestyle purchases, that number has gone up more than twice. I have shopped some simple lifestyle items that have been making my life a tad easier and at least one of these items is something I didn't even know I needed till I got it so here are a few lifestyle faves from Amazon that I've been loving lately.

My sister gifted me this Mug Warmer for my birthday and when I say I didn't even realize I needed this, it's true. With the amount of beverage I drink every single day and how much I move around while drinking, this nifty little gadget helps keep my coffee or tea nice and warm for as long as needed. Especially now that the weather has gotten cooler, warm cups of tea and coffee are an absolute must so I recommend this if you are anything like me. Buy it HERE

Fluffy Pillow Covers that look cute, are comfortable and that don't shed no matter how many times you wash them are always amazing. Found these on Amazon when I was looking for a set of 18 by 18" covers for my pillows and have had no regrets since purchasing. These come in different colors, patterns and designs so whatever your vibe is, you are sure to find some covers to match. Help yourself to any of these HERE

So I never thought I would need Packing Cubes for anything because I pride myself on being a pretty decent packer when I travel but after seeing a few YouTubers rave about the different packing cubes they ordered from Amazon for their various trips, I was sold. These particular ones came in a set of 8 and can fit a ton of stuff. I absolutely recommend this one HERE which I know you will love.

I know that these items are pretty basic and simple but trust me when I tell you that they have made my life significantly easier and pleasurable. I uploaded a YouTube video yesterday where I share more of some of my recent faves. You can watch that video HERE and also do not forget to subscribe to my channel HERE



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