Thursday, October 6, 2022



Many of us have decided that in order for Christianity to work for us today, it's got to be curated to fit our lifestyles - the ones we have and even the ones we want. If being a Christian inconveniences how and when we like to party, our relationships, our attitudes on Monday through Saturday, the things we like to wear or enjoy doing, then we automatically feel the need to curate it to make it fit what's comfortable, convenient and acceptable by the world's standards.

Christianity is a lifestyle choice we make through the outward expression of our faith. It is a choice to be followers of Christ in all ways and not just the ones that suit us. We do not get to decide that we can only attend church on Sundays but can wild out at other times during the week or that we can only give 30 minutes of our time to Bible study and prayer yet will spend hours scrolling through Instagram and watching YouTube videos.

Being a Christian is not something you fit on your to do list and hope to can tick off by the end of the day. We are the representatives of Jesus to our generation and must show up as exactly that at all times meaning when the circumstances are favorable and when they are not. There will always be the tension between who we are and who we are called to be that can make doing this difficult but there is grace in the presence of God for us to let Him fill those spaces where these tensions exist. In other words, I know that there is grace for me in the spaces where I know I can still be ratchet but am working towards righteousness, where my music playlist swings from Maybach Music to Maverick City and where I can go from wanting to pop off on someone to sending my prayers up for them instead.

So because I am a Christian woman who is constantly progressing, I know my Christianity can never be one that's curated. I need to let go and let God do the heart work that is required to show up every day as His ambassador on this side of heaven. It's not always as easy as I make it sound and to say that it is would be lying to you but Curated Christianity is a poor substitute for the real thing which is an opportunity to have a loving, real and raw relationship with God.



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