Thursday, October 20, 2022


Often when I say that being a Helpmate looks different for all of us, I say that because not every woman is going to be or wants to be married so "helping" will most certainly look different for her. For the women who are and want to be married, being a "helpmate" also looks different based on many different factors but today I want to be able to break down how to be a helper suitable so that it applies to all of us regardless of where we are in our lives at this present time.

1. The first step in knowing how to be a helper is to Believe That Where You Are Is A Place That Requires What You Have To Give. Many women tend to have the erroneous misconception that because they are not yet married, they can not unlock their God given abilities as helpers. The matrimonial home is just one of the places where the role or office of a helpmate is required; you can be a helper within your own family, where you work, volunteer and even where you worship. Being a helpmate is not always this grandiose thing we make it  because more often than not, it is expressed in the simplest forms which also happens to many times be the most powerful.

2. We can not be effective Helpers if we do not Recognize Those Things That Fan Or Extinguish Our Flames. The truth is that we also need to help ourselves by figuring out those things or people who deplete us but also drinking from the places that fill us up to where we have enough to pour into others while still having what we need for ourselves.

3. One of the ways to recognize those things that fan the flame of your DNA as helper suitable is to Pour Into Yourself Often & Surround Yourself With People Who Affirm You. Attending conferences, taking courses, reading books and the Bible, watching videos etc are some ways we can pour into ourselves continuously in order to execute our role effectively for God.

Being an Ezer Kenegdo (Helper Suitable) requires us to always stay connected to our Ebenezer (Our Rock Of Help) for it is in Him we live and move and have our being - Acts 17:28.



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