Saturday, October 1, 2022



I don't think I've shared with you guys before that I have a history of high blood pressure issues. In my case, it's hereditary and I've been dealing with it since my days in University. At first my mom didn't understand why I kept having dizzy spells, intense migraines and extreme fatigue in some cases. I may or may not also be dealing with thyroid issues but I'm not confessing that over myself any longer.

We eventually figured out that my blood pressure was the reason for all my grief and there began the series of medication I had to take to help me regulate things. Several years, medication and doctor visits later, I was at the dentist to extract my wisdom tooth and could not get it done because my blood pressure readings again were through the roof. At first the nurse prepping me thought her machine was malfunctioning with how high my numbers were and by the time she took the reading 2-3 more times, it was clear that I would not be getting my tooth extracted that day but instead would be in the chair of another doctor.

He took the readings himself and was amazed that with how elevated my blood pressure was, it hadn't taken me out. He moved fast to take a blood sample to see if any damage had been done to my kidneys because as it turns out, consistently untreated or unmedicated high blood pressure could begin to affect kidney function. It had already started messing with mine but thank God for timeliness in discovery. 

I had to make quick changes to my lifestyle with my diet and exercise to bring down my Creatinine and sugar levels. There were specific things I had to make sure were included in what I ate like substituting red meat for chicken and fish, sweeteners for sugar, lots of vegetables and fruits that had to include red grapes and any of the berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries). Short walks and no more than 10-15 minute runs on the treadmill were also advised.

All this happened back in March but I want to give God His glory because at the start of the month, the word He gave me was to be 'A Good Steward' specifically over my health. So a routine dentist appointment ended up with getting the much needed treatment for my high blood pressure that was trying to take me out and to be healthy. Now its all good in the neighborhood again. Glory to God.

Just thought I'd share that with you good people who consistently come back to read whatever I spew here. I do not take you for granted not one bit!!



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