Thursday, October 13, 2022



When I re-started my YouTube channel back in July, I didn't know that just a few videos in I would be talking more about what being a Help Mate really looks like for us as women. I've talked about being A Wise Helpmate, A Helper That Doesn't Help and Naomi; A Helper For Ruth. You can watch all these videos and more on my channel @ibogirlliving.

Without planning for this to be the case, this has become some sort of series on my channel so I suppose that's how the Holy Spirit has intended for it to go. As I have found myself studying for these videos, I have been learning alongside you with the help of the Holy Spirit because there were so many erroneous beliefs I had about what God's intentions were when He said He would make a 'Helper Suitable' for the man in the person of Woman. 

I have learned and tried to explain that being a Helper is not just a role we play for our husbands but for anyone God allows into our lives that need us to function in that capacity. I've also learned that we carry a dimension of the Father that is equal parts powerful and sensitive such that we must be careful not to be held responsible for "men" (men + women) being led away from the presence of God. We can't be the distraction we are called to guard against else we face the wrath of God.

God wants to do something through this series because there is still much more to come. It's a sensitive time to be a woman more so a woman of God and we are being called to partner with the Father for what He is doing in this season. I've been hearing similar messages preached for a few weeks now so I know it's time for you and I to knuckle up!

Our enemy the devil is agitating everyday to swallow us up, purpose and all so that we do not partner with God to accomplish His Will on earth. See Revelations 12 because this is not a joke! He does not want you to take this seriously because if you do, you will keep doing to his head what the Father said you would in Genesis 3:15. Stay Woke Ladies!!



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