Saturday, November 12, 2022


I'm usually good about planning and prepping my content ahead of time but this past weekend simply got away from me so I apologize for not having any post up on Saturday last week.

Today, I'm sharing the 5 Pinterest looks I recreated and will be rocking to different places this Fall/Thanksgiving season. I get my style influences from different platforms as well as people and have pretty much come to the conclusion that my style is predominantly casual with splashes of glam, edge and sophistication. Enjoy the looks!!

1. The Sophisticated Look - My favorite thing about this look is the scarf element that was made to look as though it came as part of the outfit. Wrapped around and secured with a belt, this is a woman who is intentional about how she presents herself. Every piece is thought out and not without its function. She looks very polished without being obvious that she tried too hard. What are your thoughts on this look? Comment Below.

2. The Edgy Look - She's hard but soft at the same time and this is how I like to do edgy. Leather is notorious for its tough exterior so paired with something less hard like denim keeps the look wearable for many. My favorite thing about this whole outfit are the over the knee boots that add the extra sex appeal the look needs to keep it flirty and fun. This is a look reserved for a girls night or on a sexy date night out with the mister. Where would you wear this look to?

3. The Casual Look - Of all the looks, this one represents me the most accurately. Effortless chic with the splashes of glam, edge and polish I mentioned at the start of this article. Black is always a good contrasting color for jeans and/or denim because it elevates the look to where you appear more babe than blah if you know what I mean.

4. The Casual Chic Look - I consider this to be the dressier cousin of the previous look and because of the nude and muted colors, it's very flattering on the girl in the original image as opposed to my more colorful recreation. I think what makes this a stand out for me is the pointed toe over the knee boots. That simple but specific design element gives this a fresh youthful look that will appeal to lots of girls.

5. The Everyday Casual Look - This is by far the most popular and most wearable look for today. It's perfect for the girl who wants to simply run errands, be out and about while still looking cute in the process. Whether she's grabbing brunch with her friends or grabbing a bag of grapes from the grocery store, she certainly dressed the part with this outfit.

There's a YouTube video on my channel now about these looks so head over to IBOGIRLLIVING to check them out. Which look was your fave and which will you be recreating this Fall? Leave your comments below and will chat to you again soon!

Besos 👄



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