Saturday, November 26, 2022



At the start of the year, Pastor Mike Todd said it would be our best year yet if it was our best year spiritually and he was right. I'm thankful for many things but I'm especially thankful for the spiritual journey I've been on since the year began.

It still amazes me that God actually speaks to ME!! And not only that, I HEAR HIM when He does! And not only that, He confirms what He tells me in those moments when I start to doubt that what I've heard truly was Him speaking through His Holy Spirit. If I'm thankful for nothing else, I'm thankful for this part right here.

I was afraid to re-start my YouTube channel to talk about being a woman of faith and embodying what it means to be a helpmate. But I trusted in the God who called me to it and empowered me with His wisdom and understanding for the job. I still struggle with comparing myself to other women on the platform who seem more 'spiritual' or 'knowledgeable' but I show up regardless in the capacity that I have been gifted every week because I know that my purpose demands it of me. So I'm thankful for this more than you know.

For the 1st 7 days of every month this year, I committed to sharpening my spiritual senses through a period of fasting, prayer and getting a word from God to meditate on and guide me through to the next month. I'm thankful that no matter how hard the enemy tried to stop me from honoring the commitment I made to my Father, I did not miss a single month!

For continued provision and protection in a world that is daily decaying in morals, values and respect for human life, I'm thankful. For the strength to take the first crucial steps out of my comfort and convenience zones, I am thankful. 

For my family, friends and for YOU, I am most thankful. You read my blog, watch my videos, follow me on IG and just allow me to keep doing what I enjoy. These and so much more are all that I'm thankful for!

I hope you all had a loving Thanksgiving Day!!