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You would agree with me that many of us are stuck between going along with what culture endorses as the correct way to be positioned as a woman and understanding what the Word of God says is true of us. Difficulty understanding the Bible almost always is a factor when struggling between the tension of having money as a woman and not. I will do my best to explain as you continue reading.

First and foremost I think it is necessary to understand the picture of the woman from a biblical stand point which is that she was formed and brought to the man by God who had already been given freedom and authority over the Garden of Eden. Man already existed in the place of provision before the woman came along (see Genesis 2: 15-23 for reference). It says nothing about the woman in a separate garden where she had to "work, tend or earn a living" before being seen as fit to be brought to Adam as his helper suitable.

Secondly after the Fall due to eating the forbidden fruit, God's pronouncement that 'the ground was cursed and that it would take struggle before it produced food' was expressly the punishment of the man NOT the woman (see Genesis 3: 17-19). Therefore from scripture's perspective, the woman's ability to make or earn money was never a pre-requisite for marriage which is the narrative of today's culture.

Having said that, records of women found working are prevalent throughout scripture which tells me that a woman should find something for her hands to do rather than wait around for a man. It DOES NOT say however that she must be making money in order to be seen as worthy of marriage. Even the Proverbs 31 woman who we all love to quote and refer to was a woman who accomplished all she did in partnership with her husband. 

If as a woman in today's culture you are in a position where you have earning power of your own, that is a beautiful thing and is applauded in the eyes of God. It is not okay to make other women who for any number of reasons are not in similar positions feel less than or not valuable (and that goes for society, men and women alike). More so, this constant need to earn and perform causes many women to become cold and unapproachable. So even if your purpose was to be a helper to those who work with and around you, you fail to see it because the need for validation from a culture that cares nothing about your God given purpose and calling has left you oblivious. 

I say all this to say that even I often get stuck between the tension of feeling like I must be in a position where I can bring home the bacon consistently otherwise I have no value to add in a marriage and trusting what God has said about me and anointed me for. So let's all be careful as a people and culture about making one another feel valueless simply because our bank balances differ.

Yes, money commands respect and brings a level of confidence that is undeniable but when your identity becomes attached to how much you make rather than who God says you are, money has become an idol in your life and this is where many of us cross into dangerous territory.



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