Thursday, December 1, 2022



Every believer has moments when they feel spiritually exhausted and fatigued. It could be triggered by any number of things such as emotions, events or stress and each of us have our ways of coping when we feel the onset of these tired emotions.

If I'm being completely honest with you guys, I've been dealing with that spiritual fatigue most of this week. Different things seem to trigger this for me but on this occasion, I think it's been stress induced from feeling stuck sometimes in this current in between season I'm in.  Let me briefly explain.

All of last year, I know I was in my 'Wilderness Season' where I felt God stretching, pruning and preparing me for my next season. A few months ago, I knew in my spirit that the wilderness season was over and I had transitioned spiritually into what I believe is my 'Bamboo Season'. However, this transition has yet to manifest physically hence why I say that I'm in between seasons. This accounts for why I have been feeling spiritual fatigue from waiting. 

Make no mistake though, I am confident that my physical circumstances will match what I know has already occurred spiritually. I just need to keep my gaze on Christ; the Author and Finisher of my faith. But what do I do to overcome dealing with spiritual fatigue? This looks different for a lot of folks but for me, I prefer to simply be still, sitting in the quiet of my thoughts and emotions as I process what I'm feeling. What this does is it allows me connect with God without having to say one word. Then I ask myself questions:

- What is causing me to feel fatigued this time? Do I feel overwhelmed by anything in particular? Is this a usual trigger or is this a one off thing? Honestly answering these questions for myself  helps me also stay honest with God as I speak to Him about what I'm feeling and why.

What I discover is that as I continue talking to the Lord in this way, it doesn't even immediately occur to me that I'm already experiencing His peace. His peace that passes all understanding and the Rest He promised when I bring Him my burdens. It is at this point that I can turn on some praise and worship to continue strengthening my spirit, read a faith based book (if one is handy) or watch a YouTube video and then find one or two scriptures to encourage me even more. Jeremiah 31: 25 and Galatians 6: 9 are two I found that helped.

If you go through these bouts of spiritual fatigue yourself, do not be discouraged. There were moments where even our Lord Jesus Himself experienced this and when He did, He always retreated to Himself so He could be alone with the Father to pray. This is what He did to overcome His to receive a fresh anointing for the work that still lay ahead and I have shared what I do to overcome mine and receive the strength I need to keep waiting and trusting God to bring me into my next season. Our God is full of mercy and grace and rich in love for you and I even in these moments, you only need to reach for Him and you will find that He is always there with and for you.



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