Saturday, January 28, 2023



According to Google, Romanticizing is a form of Mindfulness which to me means that I find intentional meaningful ways to enjoy the basic or simple things in my life. Everything does not always have to be grand or majestic to be enjoyed and so in 2023, I am making it a point to find joy in those things that otherwise seem basic but are a part of my regular routines.


One of the ways I am romanticizing my life in 2023 is to make sure I DRESS UP TO CHURCH. In Texas where I live, I've noticed that people prefer to come in super casual to church which is fine but where I'm from we like to get dressed up for God. It can be tempting for me not to put in any effort to how I look to but I remember that a long time ago, I heard a Pastor challenge the congregation about casually (almost even nonchalantly) showing up to church to worship. He said and I'm paraphrasing that 'if we can put in effort to look good to go out to events, parties and dates, why do we think that God does not deserve that same energy?' I made a decision after hearing that to always look good to Church and I have not stopped since.

Another way I am romanticizing my life this year is to CREATE A HOME WORKSPACE I ENJOY. Doing this makes me want to be productive everyday because I have created a space I'm proud of and that's mine. Gone are the days when feeling productive or accomplished was equal to showing up at a corporate job and sitting at a boring desk or cubicle. I have simply done the same at home with the difference being that I have customized my workspace to make it feel more personal and inviting. 

Piggy backing off creating a workspace I love is DECORATING WITH CUTE & SIMPLE LIFESTYLE ESSENTIALS. For me less is more and also because my desk is smaller, I always make certain to decorate with a scented candle, water bottle (because hydration) and my favorite mug for early morning or late evening beverages. Settling down to do some work or watch YouTube videos feels more enjoyable this way and I recommend that you do this as a way to romanticize your life too.

CREATING SIMPLE BUT CONSISTENT MORNING & EVENING ROUTINES is the 4th way I have been romanticizing my life on a daily basis. We all have our skincare, hair and body care routines we like to do in the mornings and evenings so I have devised simple ways to make this time a pleasurable one for myself by playing some instrumental worship music, protecting my hairline with a headband while wearing my favorite comfy robe as I set about applying my products to start or take off the day. 

The last way I romanticize my life as a Christian and you can too is that I prefer to VIDEO CALL MY GIRLS from time to time to catch up and check in. I enjoy chatting with my squad this way because it feels more personal and time just seems to fly by. Although I don't do this all the time because everyone is busy with life, work and family but when we do get the time, we certainly make the most of it.

These simple additions I make to my routines have allowed me stay mindful, thankful and present rather than just going through the motions oblivious to the small joys that I can derive from every day. 

How are you romanticizing your life this year? I'd love to know!



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