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I don't know about you but I love lists! They keep me focused, organized and motivated to get my life together. Cliché as you think it may sound, lists have been saving lives since 1900😀and they still do today. I've always loved writing and although there are more current ways to write lists now, I still prefer putting pen to paper. YES, I'm old school. Sorry not sorry!!😛

Some of the lists on this errr...list😊, I already write but this year is when I decided to incorporate the others and I feel like a much more responsible adult! LOL!

So, let's get into what these 7 lists are with the first being one you should be writing everyday and that's a TO DO LIST. Daily to do lists are reminders to work smarter rather than harder because they keep goals achievable and in focus. By the day's end, you feel more productive and accomplished.

2. Shopping Lists - Because as an adult and with inflation,  a detailed shopping list of everything you actually NEED is crucial to whether or not you survive! I'm being dramatic 😊 but have you been to Walmart lately and have you seen the price of eggs? Don't even get me started on the Great Value Yoghurt I love and what that costs now😡

3. Goals Lists - Divide your goals into short, middle and long term goals. This allows you pay attention to what's urgent first before addressing the others. All goals are important but not all goals are urgent. For instance, travelling more this year may be a goal you deem important but  may not be as urgent as budgeting which brings me to the next list...

4. Budget Lists - This is one I'm ashamed to say I just started this year but one that requires little explanation. Whatever you want to accomplish, indulge in or partake of this year that requires money to make happen, you need a budget list!

5. Meal Prep Lists - On a diet? Looking to eat a little healthier this year? or perhaps you are trying a new lifestyle that demands you eat new and interesting foods? You need a meal prep list to keep you accountable and on top of your game.

6. Deep Cleaning Lists - I don't know about you but I'm always cleaning or trying to declutter some part of the house or the other and every time I think I've cleared or cleaned successfully, my eyes catch yet another spot that needs to be deep cleaned. So whether you are a germophobe or just obsessed with constant cleaning, you probably already have a daily or weekly deep cleaning list nearby.

7. Errands, Bills & Meetings Lists - This last of the 7 lists you need to start writing in 2023 should be a no brainer, at least that's what I think. Breaking down errands and meetings into a comprehensive list helps you stay productive and effective and writing down all of the bills that need paying is just smart because it lets you allocate the necessary funds that would have been included in your Budget List to sorting them out. Everything from rent and insurance to food and self care need to go in your Budget and Bills Lists.

So these are the 7 lists we all need to start writing in 2023. Let's do things different this year so that by the end we can look back, pat ourselves on the back for a responsible job well done. Lists may seem like such small insignificant things that on the surface appear to make no real difference but trust me, they do! Write your first list today, set about ticking everything you set out to do off it and see how you feel by the end of the day!

Until next week my loves...



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