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Setting goals should not merely be personal or financial, we should also aim to set some spiritual goals that we hope to accomplish each year. These goals should be set around your Word For The Year, supported with Scripture and backed with action if you are serious about achieving them like you would be any other personal goals you set.

Just in case Spiritual Goal Setting is new to you, I've put together 3 tips/questions to help guide you into setting some for yourself this year.

1. What Is Your Method aka How To Set Goals: 

The idea is to first reflect on the past to check for :

a) Did you grow? How much or how little?

b) What went well and what went bad?

c) Where did you struggle the most and why do you think you did?

Asking yourself these questions and answering honestly helps you focus on what you hope to achieve and how to go about achieving them moving forward. Think of these goals like the Vision the Bible asks us to write down so that you can always revert to them reminding yourself that in due time, you will achieve them all with the help of God's Holy Spirit. See Habakkuk 2:2-3. 

2. What Do These Goals Mean To You? Then List What They Are:

Here you want to visualize your future self you are trusting God to become as it pertains to your walk with Him. For instance, if your goal is to live more pure and holy, then you want to write down why this goal is important to you which should be because it pleases God to worship Him in this way and your desire is to represent who He is to a generation that prefers to honor living lawlessly. See Romans 12: 1-2

3. What Is Your Motivation aka Why Are You Setting These Goals:

To effectively do this, break down your goals into small actionable steps so you do not feel overwhelmed with trying to accomplish them and then write down your motivation for wanting to accomplish each one. Remember that these goals can't be achieved by your own power because the desire to live holy for Christ does not come naturally but supernaturally. See Philippians 2:13 and Psalm 143: 10. For example, if one of your goals is to belong to a group of like minded believers who are also looking to live pure and serve God (which is your motivation), an actionable step would be to Join a Life Group or Groups at your local church or to serve as a volunteer where needed.

Belonging to a group helps to keep you accountable to others who are on the same path. This is actually a goal for me this year and I am already on the journey to becoming part of a group of believers who know me by name, look for me when I'm not there and offer help when and where needed.

This is how to set spiritual goals for yourself each month. Even if you fail to accomplish a goal, carry it over to the next month and do not relent. God is found only when we diligently seek Him and He honors those who do. See Jeremiah 29: 13, 1 Chronicles 18: 9 and 2 Chronicles 15: 2.



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