Saturday, January 14, 2023


 HAPPY 2023 MY LOVES and welcome back to my space where I love that you join me by sparing a few minutes of your time to read and engage with all of my content. Here's hoping that we journey on this ride again for another 365 days and that by the end, we have every cause to tell our loving Heavenly Father THANK YOU. So with that out of the way, let's get into our first post of the year!

Every year I invest in a minimum of 3 major books that I feel like everyone needs to have for a more organized and productive year mentally as well as spiritually. So what books exactly do you need in 2023 and why? Keep on reading hun...


Almost all of us start out the new year wanting to be closer to God and take our faith more seriously. The first step to doing so is to invest in a devotional that keeps you in communion with God on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I get one of these devotionals every year with each one different from the last to offer me new and hopefully more intimate insights on how to approach and nurture my relationship with my Father. This Psalm Centered Prayer Journal from Amazon allows me focus on a different Psalm each week followed by a prayer request based on the same scripture. It comes with a beautiful gold ball point pen and is very affordable. 


I found this journal at the 5 Below Store for of course $5 and love it because it affords me the opportunity to focus on small but intentional goals every single day, allowing me to put action plans to each goal as well as track the progress I make by the end of the week. At the end of each month, I get an overview of my progress and write down what changes( if any) I want to make for the next month.

This particular journal has pretty stickers, motivational sayings and questions that set the tone for how I plan to show up as my best self in this new year. I guess you can find a journal or book like this in many different stores or online so if you have not already invested in one, I really recommend that you do.


Another Amazon Find, this essential notebook is one you need in 2023 to help you stay organized as you prioritize activities that keep you productive and focused all year long. Pen down your thoughts, to do lists, ideas, prayers, declarations and quiet time scriptures daily or as needed for a more focused YOU.

These 3 books are all you need in 2023 to become the version of yourself by the year's end that will thank you for the investment in your personal, mental, financial and spiritual wellness. 

My YouTube channel is now linked on the top corner of the blog so you have direct access to all of my content there. Please be sure to check out my uploads on Fridays and Sundays and feel free to binge watch all of my older videos as well. I am back creating and already have a video up for the new year.

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