Thursday, January 19, 2023



It isn't uncommon to have a Word that expresses or exemplifies what you hope a new year brings. Some people come up with a Word themselves while others tend to lean more to the spiritual and go by the Word they receive from their local church or Christian leaders they follow. 

I typically like to go to God directly for what my Word will be and last year it was SURRENDER. This was very fitting for where I was in my faith journey and how it was evident that there were still so  many areas of my life I hadn't surrendered to God. I set about doing that all of 2022 and it only goes DEEPER in 2023 which ironically is the Word I received for the new year. I shared on my YouTube channel last week that in this year, we as believers need to start to seek God's face more than we seek His hand. (Click the YouTube link on the top right hand corner of this page to watch the video). So as much as I want God's blessings and favor, and for Him to open doors for me, I also want more of Him, His presence, His glory and grace in my life. This means I've got to get deeper into my word and more intimate in my quiet time. 

I also like to share a playlist of songs with you each year ( something I started in 2021) that I listen to and love and pray that they uplift and encourage you the way they do for me. So if you do not already have these songs on your playlist, please include them quickly:

1. Eagle - Transformation Church/KB/ Mike Todd

2. Bigger Everyday - Moses Bliss & Others

3. Miracle - Moses Bliss & Others

4. Pariwo - Prinx Emmanuel

5. I'm Getting Ready - Tasha Cobbs/ Nicki Minaj

6. Brand New - Naomi Raine

7. Let It Reign - KB/Bizzle

8. Most High - Marcus Rogers / LIVE

9. Holy Spirit -  Kelo/ Gabby Callwood

10. New Day - Blanca/ Jekalyn Carr

I hope these songs bless and minister to your spirit in this new year and help you seek God's face as you go deeper in your relationship with Him.

God Bless You All



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