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It can get really stressful and draining living with people especially when you are of the age where living alone is the natural next stage of your life. I have lived with family since coming to America and while this arrangement has its benefits, you can imagine that as a 42 year old, things can get really old really quick.

I am one of those people who loves her own space; I love for things to look a specific way and to have its place but knowing I can't exactly have things the way I would like, I have had to come up with a few unique ways that help me live successfully with my family. I hope these will be helpful for you too if you are in a similar situation.

1. Number One on the list is that I create several  mini spaces for myself around the house wherever I can find them. I have a compartment in the fridge for my own groceries, I have a corner of the living room where I've set up my workspace and I have a shelf in the bathroom that houses my skincare products as well as a few other spots in the house I've been able to claim for myself. The separation of my things from the general house allows me a sense of autonomy that is important for me to have honestly and I believe doing this would also work for you. You may not have as many spaces to claim but wherever you can find as your spot, claim them.

2. The second small thing I do that helps me live successfully with my family is that I buy essential lifestyle products that give me some sense of ownership in a space that is not personally mine. Small things like headphones, my own personal laptop or tablet down to the sheets I use for my bed all make me feel like my individuality is not completely lost within the collective.

3. The third and final way to live successfully with people is to form friendships outside the house. I actually struggle with this a little because I am an introvert and prefer to be home most of the time but lately I have been doing my best to come out of my shell by forming friendships at my local church. All of my long time friends who live in the U.S are scattered all over the country so it makes outings like girl time, brunch dates and shopping days a little difficult. However, my small group and church singles events give me the opportunity to leave the house at least once a week. This is a good way to take a breather from being in a full house all the time and having some time to yourself.

These are the small ways I have devised that have helped me live successfully with my family all these years. It was not easy at first as I'm sure those whose reality this is can attest to but as time goes on, you develop your own rhythm and routine and things become more bearable.

I hope this helps. Let me know in the comments if you live with people how you have been able to successfully do so. If the people you live with are not family, how have you navigated the situation without getting on one another's nerves? Someone may need some tips!




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