Saturday, February 25, 2023


 Hi Guys,

Long time no Style Content eh? Well I apologize for that and here's hoping that there will be many more of this on the blog this year. 

So at this point I think everyone and their first cousin has a satin shirt in her closet right? Right! These types of shirts are so versatile and have pretty much become a wardrobe staple for every fashionable girl worth her weight in clothes 😄. Satin Shirts can be dressed up or down and serve as really good transitional pieces so here are 3 ways you can style your satin shirt if you are interested

1. Corporate Chic - Satin Shirts are great for the office. Whether you work with a strict dress code or your job allows for a more relaxed fit, these shirts work both ways effortlessly. Here I've paired my satin shirt with a skirt 2 piece, pumps to match and a big black work bag. I'm comfortable, look professional and ready to sign some cheques!

2. Lady Like - This is a favorite pairing that works well for day or night time. With a pair of distressed blue denim jeans and elegant black flats, I can run errands, go on a date in the afternoon, go to drinks in the evening, attend church or even a concert in this relaxed fit. Styled with one side of the shirt tucked into my jeans, you can tell that I don't take myself too seriously but I can get things done just as well too.

3. Casual Girl - Knotted in front and styled with the same jeans but rolled up on the bottom and the flats swapped out for some comfy sneakers, a satin shirt looks effortless, youthful and fun. I recommend this style for young moms on the go with young kids in tow to attend all the extra curricular activities their babies are involved in. Soccer moms, moms with kids in gymnastics or dance will love this look. You look put together, relaxed and stylish but can still be fully productive throughout the day.

Which look was your favorite? Let me know in the comments and I will chat to you guys again soon. 



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