Saturday, February 11, 2023


 Whether you work from home, are in a hybrid situation or have resumed going into the office 5 days a week, we all have our routines that help us prep for the new week ahead. Some may have more prep work to do than others if we factor in variables like children, relationship status and health issues. Whichever category you belong to, there are 5 universal things we all should do to help us prep for a new week.

1. CLEAN YOUR SPACE: I think we can collectively agree that by mid week our spaces begin to look a little disheveled or cluttered. There are many reasons why this is the case for all of us but there seems to be some psychological relationship between a clean space and being more productive. Therefore taking the time to tidy up before the start of a new work week is a good way to begin your prep.

2. PLAN: This is where all those lists I talked about in my post HERE come in especially useful. I use the Microsoft To Do App to keep me on top of calls I want to make, emails to send, articles to write, videos to record as well as any other tasks that need to get done during the week. It's a very basic app to use and I like it for its uncomplicated nature.

3. MEAL PREP: Whether you have kids or not, are married or single, meal prepping is one thing you should try to do every Sunday in preparation for the new week. This takes away the stress of cooking every single day not to mention cleaning up afterwards. 

4. PRIORITIZE: Make the distinction between what tasks are important and what tasks are urgent. Urgent tasks should be prioritized above others and a timeline set for when to get them done. 

5. PRACTICE AN ACT OF SELF CARE: A warm bath, tea before bed, reading a chapter of your current favorite book, socializing with your friend group or church small group are just some examples of simple acts of self care you can do before heading into a busy week of work.

As someone who just started taking content creation seriously mid last year, I definitely have the things I do every single Sunday to prep for my own work week. I have schedules I set for myself that keep me productive until a certain time making it easy for me to get everything done that is important and urgent.

I know everyone's work schedule is different and some people work on Sunday but whenever "Sunday" is for you, I encourage you to set measures in place that make easing into a week of work a seamless process.



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