Saturday, February 4, 2023



Welcome To February Guys! It's crazy to think that January is already over, it's as though the month flew by without giving us time to get ready for the new month! 😏

Whatever this month signifies to you, my prayer is that the Almighty will breathe on it to produce all that will propel you further into your purpose in Jesus' Name, AMEN!

For many, January is almost like a practice month because people need to re-group after the chaos of the holidays. February is usually when goals start to take shape, minds are clearer and actionable steps follow laid out plans. It's the month to re-set mind, body and spirit to facilitate organization and productivity.


Different people go about their monthly re-set in different ways. YouTube is littered with videos from creators sharing all that they do to mentally, physically and emotionally re-set for a new month. Some people start by reviewing the previous month allowing them take inventory of where to begin the following month.

I'm not much different and today I'm just simply going to list how you too can do a monthly re-set to help you stay organized throughout the year.

1. As previously mentioned, start with a  review of the previous month by evaluating all the goals you set for yourself then list the ones that did not get done so they can be carried over.

2, Take inventory of one area of your life you want to improve on in the new month (based on the goals you set) and set out actionable steps to help you accomplish them.

3. Organize your new month into weekly to do lists to keep your goals in focus and achievable. Tick off what you accomplish as you go along to keep you motivated and the momentum going.

4. One important thing you can also do to facilitate a re-set is to do a deep clean. This could be of your physical space, of your closet and makeup, a digital declutter or even a personal deep clean of toxic habits, patterns, mindsets and even relationships.

A monthly re-set need not be over complicated. The goal is to keep you productive with simple mindful acts that encourage working smarter.

I hope this helps but remember that re-sets should be curated to suit your lifestyle and the goals you set to accomplish for yourself. Copying or trying to imitate someone else's plan will yield no real results for you and that is always the ultimate goal at the end of the day.



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