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If you are anything like me, Waiting is not a gift you have been blessed with but is one thing we all have to do either at some point in life or quite frequently. We are guilty of wanting things immediately but like we often quickly realize, we deal with a God who prefers to take His time with us. We know its always for reasons that benefit us but we just do not like the process of waiting!

So if we have learned that Waiting is an inevitable part of life particularly when waiting on God for answers, direction, provision, healing or deliverance, what are we supposed to do in those uncomfortable in between spaces? This was a question I asked myself very recently and went hunting in the Scriptures for answers. I found a number of things to do and not do in my waiting season (because like you, I am waiting on God to come through on a number of things for me) and I will share some of those with you here.

                                                         WHAT NOT TO DO

1. There Should Be No Grumbling Or Complaining: This one can be hard especially when you consider your request a matter of utmost urgency (everything always is with us humans but I digress 😊) See Philippians 2:14-15. This is one thing the enemy can use against you when looking for accusations to bring before God. Do not give him a foothold in your life to do this.

2. Desist From Acts Of Rebellion & Idolatry: The Israelites were a very impatient and rebellious people so much so that because they could not stand to wait for Moses any longer, they insisted and pressed Aaron to make gods for them which very much displeased and angered God. See Exodus 32: 1-9. In our seasons of waiting, let us be careful not to turn or allow our hearts to be lured away from God to other things that present the promise of a quick answer to our needs.

3. Don't Attempt To Do Things On Your Own: 1 Samuel 13: 8-11 is a prime example of when we allow things like fear and other external circumstances compel us to try to do things that only God can and should do. King Saul paid dearly for this error and so will we if we do the same thing. Also See Proverbs 16: 1-3.

                                                           WHAT TO DO

4. Use Your Waiting Season To Deepen Your Knowledge Of God: Just because you are waiting on God doesn't mean you sit around doing nothing just literally WAITING. Use that time to get deeper into the Word and become more intimate in your walk with God. He wants to show you great and mighty things you did not know so that your enemy can never catch you unawares again. See 2 Peter 3: 17-18

5. Don't Give Into Distractions: I was watching on rebroadcast this past Sunday's sermon from Pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church and he said one of the major factors that rob us of our dominion on earth is DISTRACTION. Many times we allow ourselves to get distracted from trusting God while we wait with things and/or people that do not help us grow spiritually. These things take away our focus from what we ought to be doing which is to use that time to get deeper in relationship with God like I said in the above point but also, distractions keep us from fully trusting God which is the last thing on this list of what to do in your waiting season. See 1 Samuel 13: 6-7.

6. Trust God Fully: Proverbs 3:5-6 drives home this point beautifully. When we trust and seek the face of God in all that we do, the Bible says that 'He will show us which path to take'. I know it can be difficult to do this when we are seemingly troubled on every side but currently being in my own season of waiting and having been here for years at this point, the stamina to keep going can often wane but it's taking commitment and developing a true desire to please God that's keeping me focused. Besides, the Bible says that the 'joy of the Lord is my strength'(Nehemiah 8:10).

If you are in a season of Waiting on God, be encouraged to stay the course and if you do not waver, we all will testify of His goodness in the end. He is a good God and His plans for us are of good and not evil.



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