Thursday, March 16, 2023



Truthfully speaking, I pre-selected this topic at the start of the year during one of my blog content brainstorming sessions and thought I knew exactly what the text itself consist of. However, draft day comes around (the days I prep, proof read and edit my posts before making them public) and my thought pattern has totally changed thanks to watching Apostle Joshua Selman's sermon on Times & Seasons.

How do I set about becoming a woman the Lord can trust?

What steps, if any, should I be taking in order to be this woman?

The video I watched today really narrowed things down for me, making it clearer what I need to do consistently to show up as this woman. Multiple times I've re-iterated my commitment to becoming this woman in 2023 and while others in culture are concerned with becoming 'THAT GIRL" (still not entirely sure what that means), I am more interested in becoming THE WOMAN GOD PURPOSED FOR ME TO BE from the very start.

STEP 1 TO BECOMING A WOMAN GOD CAN TRUST is to maximize my everyday in preparation for God's announcement. This simply means that my days can no longer be wasted doing nothing to get me ready for the thing God has called me to. The mandate on my life is too important to the world to be taken lightly therefore I must spend this time/season praying, studying the Word, fasting, serving in community and sharpening my spiritual ears and eyes in order not to miss my season of emergence when it eventually comes.

STEP 2 TO BECOMING A WOMAN GOD CAN TRUST is to live like there will be a daily assessment of my life because there will be as far as God is concerned. My faithfulness in seasons where no-one is around to see or applaud my efforts will determine whether or not I can be trusted with the sensitive assignment of handling God's affairs on earth. Abuse, neglect or disregard for the seemingly mundane present automatically disqualifies me from being a woman God can trust with more in the future.

Finally, STEP 3 TO BECOMING A WOMAN GOD CAN TRUST is to study the nature of the dealings of the Spirit with me. In other words, I must take care to discern the things happening in my life that appear to happen often or repeatedly. Having this discernment lets me know what steps to take when I come into certain seasons and not miss taking them.

If I cannot be trusted to maximize my time, show faithfulness in seasons where there is no recognition or discern when God is actually communicating with me through a move of His Spirit then it means I am not yet ready for the next level of life as a trusted woman of God. It means God can't brag on me yet like He did with Job when the enemy asked to test his faith.

My commitment has not waivered. I may not be fully there yet but I am on my way because I do my best to apply myself to study, prayer and obedience to move out of my places of comfort to serve.

Do you want to become a woman or man God can trust? If so, come along on the journey with me !



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