Thursday, March 30, 2023



Spring Break, Summer Trips abroad, Staycations, Girls Trips - they are all fun and exciting things to look forward to but if one is not careful, they can also derail the Godly routines we put in place to keep us consistent on our journey of faith and communion with God.

I am actually prepping to go on a trip for 2 weeks to visit one of my best girls in New Jersey and I can't help but feel a little anxious about not keeping up with my daily quiet time routines while away. I set aside 45minutes to an hour every morning just spending quiet time with God praying, praising and worshipping and I am determined not to let that fall by the way side while on my trip.

In as much as I want to be able to have fun and enjoy my time away, I don't want that to be any excuse not to continue building and feeding into my relationship and intimacy with God. So, I have come up with some tips to help me maintain Godly routines while on my mini vacation. They could also prove helpful for you on your next vacation

1. It's Okay To Switch Things Around - Because I understand that things may get chaotic during the day, I plan on switching my morning time devotion to evenings or when it's bed time. By now, everyone should be worn out and tired from any activities of the day so it would be easier to get my quiet time in later at night when things have quieted down.

2. Simplifying Quiet Time -  Depending on what we get up to during the day, I may be too tired to commit to my usual 1 hour routine. In this case, simplifying my time with God would mean listening to one of my 15-30 minute Bible apps or podcasts instead of struggling to read my Bible when I'm tired.

3. Taking Advantage Of Pockets Of Time -  If we find ourselves lounging by the pool, sitting on the balcony having our morning coffee or just taking an early evening stroll, this is time I can take advantage of to read my Bible, pray or listen to some worship music. These moments are most likely going to look different everyday so I will be on the look out for what each day brings.

Even though Vacations are wonderful interruptions to the regular rhythms of life, they can also be unhealthy interruptions to a consistent quiet time routine. The point is this: Don't take a vacation from your quiet time because God does in fact want to be a part of your work AND your play. He delights in everyday you make the choice to fellowship with Him whether at Home or Away.



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