Saturday, March 25, 2023



As a woman in her early 40s, it's important that I put more thought and intention behind my outfits and there are a few reasons why:

1. Comfort

2. Personal Style

3. Faith Based Reasons

These reasons are always foremost whenever I'm getting dressed up to go out especially to church. If you had asked me what I preferred wearing in my 20s and even 30s -  sexy, slightly revealing, short and/or tight would be words I would have used to describe my style and taste. Not so much now.

These days, I'm choosing to dress more modestly and its not only to church but to other places because I've been convicted by the Holy Spirit to let the way I dress reflect my faith moving forward. So if you are in your 40s and on that same journey of replacing your sexy outfits for more appropriate attire, I share 3 trendy church outfit ideas you can consider. Bear in mind that these looks represent my personal style but hopefully you can get some ootd inspiration for your next church outfit.

First Outfit is one I'm calling SCHOOL GIRL CHIC - it's the grown up version of the more juvenile look you may be familiar with. I paired a white shirt dress with a sleeveless jacket over black leggings and combat boots. The white socks were partly fashion and partly for comfort because I tend to get really cold on my feet. This was my outfit to church last weekend and I loved it. I kept my jewelry simple with minimal gold pieces and finished off with a brooch. What do you think of this look? Rate it in the comments!

I'm keeping things YOUTHFUL & FUN with this second look. With my personal style being predominantly casual, I opted for a black turtleneck sweater over fitted dark blue jeans, thigh high boots and a pop of color with this yellow/mustard long line sleeveless coat and head band to accessorize. I look young but not immature and age appropriate without being frumpy. This was a favorite look heading into Spring and you can certainly play around with different colors of each piece to reflect your own signature style. What are your thoughts on this look?

I'm giving GROWN WOMAN VIBES with this third and final look. Channeling a more confident side, this mix of dog and hounds tooth coat over a red sweater and palazzo pants was the perfect combo to pull it off. I prefer flats over pants like these hence my black flat shoes and to accessorize, a black dumpling bag. You can't really see in this image but my makeup is equally bold and beautiful with a red lip and nude eye look. I definitely received a few compliments when I walked into church in this outfit. Share your opinions about this look also in the comment section.

Which look was your favorite? Was there one that has inspired you to recreate your own look? I hope so.

This is me trying to keep my promise to share more style content on the blog so I hope you enjoyed this and will see you again soon with another one.



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