Saturday, March 18, 2023



Sometimes even I find it hard to believe that I am now in my early 40s. It was just 2 weeks ago, in my mind at least that I turned 25 so imagine my utter shock and disappointment waking up to the realization that the last time I was 20 anything was over 2 decades ago!! WHAT?? 

Who am I right now?? More importantly, how did I get here and how do I thrive here as a Christian woman in my 40s?

Well, since I have no choice except to snap out of la la land and come back to reality, it has become absolutely necessary for me to thrive in this new season of life as a Christian woman. I will be the first to admit that getting here has been no walk in the park for me because there were many mental, emotional and spiritual hoops I had to jump through to arrive here. And now that I'm here, let me share the 4 ways I have been able to (and that you can also learn) to thrive in your 40s as a woman of faith.

1. First and foremost is to STOP THE COMPARISONS - Your times and seasons will always look different from every one else's and this is the first lesson I had to learn for myself. The aftermath of my divorce left me a broken hollow shell of a woman that would have destroyed me if I hadn't learned to quit comparing the way my life had turned out to those of my friends and colleagues. Comparisons are unhealthy & slow killers that will never allow their victims thrive if not completely done away with.

 2. Next, FORGIVE YOURSELF (PLEASE) -  This one was hard for me at first but I soon realized that my life consistently felt like it was on a series of never ending hamster wheels I could not get off of no matter how hard I tried. It was only after accepting God's forgiveness for all the mistakes I made that I was finally able to offer forgiveness to myself. Please let go of any regrets you have from bad choices, disobedience or believing lies about yourself otherwise truly thriving in your 40s may never be true for you.

3. PURSUE MAKING INVESTMENTS TO YOUR SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL & MENTAL WELL-BEING - For this, you do not have to wait till your 40s but can start at whatever age you are now because trust me when I say this gets more challenging as you get older. Find therapists if you need to talk through issues to heal, find a Bible believing church so you can benefit from communal worship and get plugged in to community. You can't do this alone! You were not created to! I had to learn this for myself and this was recent too.

4. Finally, GIVING UP ON YOURSELF IS A HUGE NO!! - No matter what other people or your external circumstances may say, do not ever throw in the towel on yourself. God will never leave you or abandon you but you tie His hands when you abandon and give up on believing that He still has a plan and purpose for your life. I will be honest and tell you that this will not always be easy and there will be days when giving up would be so much easier than to trust God  but I promise that if you show up for yourself by committing your plans to Him, He will show up for you and direct your path.

These are the 4 ways I have been able to stay thriving in my 40s as a Christian woman. It's a continuous process that requires my participation in order to reap the benefits that come along with it and the more I show up, the more life looks better everyday. I feel very hopeful about all that God has planned for me so I pledge today to wake up tomorrow and show up as an active participant again!! And so should you!!



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