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How does one live with a maximalist in the event that you prefer to take a more minimal approach to home decoration specifically and vice versa? As someone who identifies as a Maximalist but detests a cluttered space, reconciling these two extremes can be tough - for a partner and even for me.

While I detest the idea of clutter, I also am not a fan of 'bare'. The minimalist approach where only the bare essentials are used to decorate a space is not one that appeals to me. So it's like I said- I am both maximal and minimal but not extremely so in either case. I like things to have their place and function but I also like for things to add aesthetic value to my space. 

It can be challenging for one who identifies with one extreme to live with someone who is the complete opposite. I've seen this firsthand and the only way these folks are able to live successfully with each other is through active compromise. A maximalist can not flood the home with 'stuff' and expect their minimalist partner not to feel claustrophobic; in the same way a minimalist can not be comfortable in a space that feels almost sterile and expect their maximalist partner to function at their best.

So here are my suggestions on how to live with a maximalist or minimalist:

1. Shop Quality Over Quantity - this eliminates the buying just to buy mindset of the maximalist partner, allowing more thought go into  every purchase

2. Everything Should Have Its Place -  this allows the minimalist feel better about having more than they may like.

3. Allow One Room For Each Partner To Decorate As They Love -  this allows both parties still feel a sense of individuality and control over their personal taste

4. Play With The Idea Of Moving Things Around - this gives a room a different look letting both parties appreciate it more each time.

5. Agree That If It Does Not Fit Anywhere Then You Don't Need It - if there is no space for it in the home, it does not need to leave the store with you.

It will take some getting used to on both sides for sure but as long as you are both willing to be understanding and accepting of the other's tastes and preferences, you will find a good rhythm before long. This is the best way to live with a maximalist or minimalist without killing each other!!

I will be taking a 2 week hiatus from the blog starting next week. It's not my usual Summer break away but I need to give this trip my full attention because it's not just for pleasure purposes. 

Wishing you all a happy Easter celebration ahead and see you in a little bit!!



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